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The Missing Piece – Why the Global Pandemic is an inflection point for Pneumonia Control – report, blog

Fighting for Breath – A Call to Action to Stop Children Dying of Pneumonia – English; French; Spanish

2022 Pneumonia & Diarrhea Progress Report Card, International Vaccine Access Center, John Hopkins University

Country spotlights

Child Health Spotlights Save the Children/UNICEF

Country Best Practices

Democratic Republic of Congo
Availability of Oxygen and Biomedical Equipment in Health Facilities:  Kinshasa, DRC, Facility Survey Report, PATH, April 2021
Reimagining Technical Assistance for MNCH and Health System Strengthening in the DRC, in French; Ministry of Health
Reimagining Technical Assistance: Critical Shifts to Enable Strengthened Capacity & Better Health Outcomes, Ministry of Health

Implementation Guide for non-COVID-19 essential services in Ethiopia during Covid-19 pandemic, Ministry of Health, June 2020
Summary Findings of the Inventory Assessment for Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management in Ethiopia, July 2020
Accelerating Access and Equity to Oxygen Supply in COVID-19 and Beyond, Ministry of Health, September 2020
Leveraging COVID-19 Equipment Investments for long-term improvements, Experience from Ethiopia, Ministry of Health, October 2021
How to design and implement national oxygen roadmaps – Case study from Ethiopia, January 2022
National Medical Oxygen and Pulse Oximetry Scale Up Road Map (2016-2021), Ministry of Health

Blueprint for a National Oxygen Grid in India, USAID, BMGF, RISE, Swasth, October 2022

Technical Review of Oxygen Supply, Ministry of Health, August 2020
Oxygen Availability for COVID-19, Ministry of Health, July 2020

Lao PDR’s Experience Managing COVID-19, Ministry of Health, November 2020

National Roadmap to Increase Access to Medical Oxygen in Liberia, 2021-2024, Ministry of Health
Liberia Oxygen Assessment (2021) 

Malawi National Medical Oxygen Ecosystem Roadmap, 2021-2026, Ministry of Health, October 2021
Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management: Malawi Facility Survey Report, PATH
From production to patient: A roadmap to strengthen oxygen access in Malawi, PATH

Pneumonia Control Strategy (also see blog), Ministry of Health
National Policy on Medical Oxygen in Health Facilities, Ministry of Health
National Strategy for Scale up of Medical Oxygen in Health Facilities, Ministry of Health

Biomedical Equipment Survey, WHO, Pakistan

Closing the Oxygen Gap, Rwanda Biomedical Centre

Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management: Senegal Facility Survey Report, PATH, April 2021

National Scale-up of Medical Oxygen Implementation Plan 2018-22, Ministry of Health

Closing gaps in oxygen access and respiratory care, PATH with Ministry of Health

Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management: Zambia COVID-19 Treatment Facility Survey Report, PATH, May 2021
Oxygen Summit Report, PATH
Zambia National Medical Oxygen Strategic Plan, 2022-26, Ministry of Health

Child Pneumonia Data Visualizer

UNICEF’s Child Pneumonia Visualizer Toolkit can be used to view data related to pneumonia incidence, mortality, prevention and treatment.

Video resources

  • Masimo/United4Oxygen Allianceview video
  • ZMQ/Philips video India – Beloved Munna (प्यारा मुन्ना) (new campaign to educate mothers): view video
  • “la Caixa” foundation + UNICEF: view video
  • McCann Global Health – teaching videoview video
  • HO2PE: Oxygen gives life – campaign resourcesview video
  • Philips India campaign video to educate parentsview video
  • Here’s Why Pneumonia Is Still So Deadly – Videos – Seekerview video

Childhood Pneumonia Evidence Reviews, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute & University of Melbourne


Financing Pneumonia

Sizing Up Pneumonia Investment, University of Southhampton, 2018
Trends in International Development Assistance to combat Pneumonia, Development Initiatives, September 2020