World Pneumonia Day

Stopping pneumonia isn’t about luck. It’s about action.

106_nigeriaphoto1-1Established in 2009, World Pneumonia Day is marked every year on November 12th to:

  • Raise awareness about pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious killer of children under the age of 5
  • Promote interventions to protect against, prevent, and treat pneumonia and highlight proven approaches and solutions in need of additional resources and attention
  • Generate action, including continued donor investment, to combat pneumonia and other common, yet sometimes deadly, childhood diseases

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of deaths in children under five years old despite being easily preventable and treatable. Although vaccines and other preventative efforts are decreasing the burden of the disease, much more work is still required. Those living in poor communities are at highest risk of pneumonia. Every child, regardless of where they are born, deserves access to lifesaving vaccines and medicines.

Your voice is critical to generate momentum to keep pneumonia on the global agenda.

Organize an Event

Gather friends, get creative and have fun–all while increasing awareness about the issues, driving donations to organizations dedicated to child health and spurring action from policymakers.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about World Pneumonia Day by sharing messages and graphics from the 2016 social media toolkit. Leverage the power of social media channels and reach a global community.

Write to Leaders

Submit an article or letter to the editor about the importance of investing in child health. Send your government leaders a message to thank them and ask for their continued support.

Tell us about your advocacy plans

Join us and fight pneumonia! Tell us about your global advocacy plans for the upcoming weeks and on November 12.


Featured Story

Philippines – World Pneumonia Day 2015

Philippine Foundation for Vaccination, Inc. together with Quezon Medical Society and Philippine Pediatric Society-Southern Tagalog Chapter celebrated the World Pneumonia Day 2015 in Queen Margarette Hotel, Lucena City, Quezon Province last November 12, 2015 with the theme “Push the Pace, Fight Pneumonia”. In the Philippines, pneumonia is the leading cause of mortality among ages under five with 23.4 per 100000 mortality rate. Thus, it is appropriate that we fight hand in hand this preventable and treatable disease.