World Pneumonia Day – Nigeria 2015

1. Calendar Contest

As part of the activities for 2015 World Pneumonia Day in Abuja, Nigeria, a creative art competition for teenagers from both public and private secondary schools was carried out after a brief seminar on pneumonia. The teenagers were asked to express their knowledge on pneumonia by painting. Three winners emerged from the art competition and prizes were awarded at the symposium. The top twelve paintings were selected and used to create the calendar. WPD Calendar

2. DCL World Pneumonia Day Social Media Challenge 2015.

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3. Pre-Pneumonia Day Community program: 

Silver Lining for the Needy Initiative coordinated a Pre-World Pneumonia Day 2015 Community program at Piwoyi Community off Airport Road on the 10th of November. The program included some activities geared towards creating awareness and empowering the women and children of the community in the fight against pneumonia. Some of the activities included; a handwashing demonstration, talks on exclusive breastfeeding, good nutrition and use of clean water and proper ventilation.

The target audience for this program was the women of the community and children. There were also eight (8) pupils per school from a total of ten (10) different schools in the community, in addition to other community children. Each school represented came with their head teacher. In attendance was a total of one hundred and twenty (120) children and seventy (70) women.

There were representatives from International Vaccine Access Centre (IVAC), Glaxo SmithKline (GSK), Rotary Club of Abuja Federal, Women Advocates for Vaccine Access (WAVA), NTA News 24 and Studio24 who helped facilitate the activities included in the program.

4. Main symposium event:

Global theme: Push the pace, fight pneumonia

Sub theme: The Nigerian Child’s Health is enhanced through Pneumonia, Prevention, Protection and Treatment

Symposium objectives

  • To review the progress made in the roll out of key pneumonia prevention, protections and treatment initiatives in Nigeria
  • To identify missed opportunities and determine the advocacy, financing, programmatic and research needed to address these gaps
  • To create an annual GAPDD scorecard to increase the focus on integrated interventions and raise the level of accountability for pneumonia control among all stakeholders