World Pneumonia Day 2011 Report Released!

World Pneumonia Day 2011 Report Released!

World Pneumonia Day, held on November 12, 2011 was marked with tremendous achievements and success. To highlight these inspiring activities, The Global Coalition against Childhood Pneumonia is pleased to share with you our World Pneumonia Day 2011 report.

In this report, you will find news of how individuals and organizations around the globe collaborated to raise awareness about childhood pneumonia and its toll, advocated for action at all levels of government and celebrated progress made thus far in our fight against the disease. The pneumonia fight was put front and center in more than 60 events in nearly 30 countries across 6 continents. These efforts created a platform for advocates to engage governments on interventions to protect children, prevent and treat pneumonia through awareness campaigns, media workshops, documentary films, political “Call to Action” plans and medical screenings among many others.

World Pneumonia Day efforts also included engaging governments in at least 11 countries to advance pneumonia outreach efforts particularly in countries with high disease burden. In addition, thousands of children were provided with free medical care through events in at least 6 countries, including Malawi, where the first pneumococcal vaccine was introduced with GAVI support.

All efforts are greatly appreciated and are critical to increasing impact and urgency in the fight against pneumonia worldwide. We thank you for your continued support and can’t wait to hear about your plans for World Pneumonia Day 2012! Stay tuned to the World Pneumonia Day website for additional advocacy highlights and photos not featured in our report.

Download your copy of the World Pneumonia Day 2011 Report by clicking here!