Clean Hands Save Lives

Clean Hands Save Lives

Organization: New Delhi Television

Location: New Delhi, India

Event: Clean Hands Save Lives

An experienced team of independent journalists and filmmakers, led by Mohuya Chaudhuri, used World Pneumonia Day 2011 to raise awareness about pneumonia in the New Delhi community and disseminate simple prevention information to families and health workers.

On World Pneumonia Day, a news report on pneumonia was aired on a leading national television channel, New Delhi Television, and was repeated the following day. The channel has approximately 30 million viewers, and given its reach, the story helped to raise awareness about pneumonia, a disease that is rarely discussed in mainstream media. The team hopes that news stories will reach the ears of policy makers who have the ability to increase funding support to pneumonia immunization and prevention programs.

Two short films about pneumonia were also produced for school age children, featuring children discussing and sharing information about prevention of pneumonia. The films were well received, and children who saw the films raised a number of questions around pneumonia.