To Keep a Promise

To Keep a Promise

Imagine a world where every child has the opportunity to grow up healthy and strong. We’re closer than ever to making that world a reality, according to the new short film To Keep A Promise.  

To Keep a Promise seeks to show the universal story of maternal and child health. Using footage from over a dozen countries, the film attempts to convey the complexities and interventions that lead to successes in maternal and child health. The short video follows the path to health, independence, and prosperity through one universal ‘character,’ compiled of women and children around the globe.

The film deliberately strays away from the numbers and academic studies and instead focuses on the quiet, anxious, loving, fearful, or endearing moments of women and children around the globe. The shots are intentionally unvarnished, sometimes raw, and give viewers a sense of peering into the lives of families around the globe.

Visit to find information about maternal and child health and to learn about 3 ways to take action:

  • Ask Your Member of Congress to Support Women and Children Around the World

  • Support the Reach Every Mother and Child Act of 2015 (S.1911 and H.R. 3706)

  • Host a Promise Party