Souf youn moun se vi-l (Breath is life)

Souf youn moun se vi-l (Breath is life)

Organization: Haitian Health Foundation and Haitian Pediatric Society

Location: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Event: Souf youn moun se vi-l (Breathe is life)

The Haitian Health Foundation and the Haitian Pediatric Society partnered for World Pneumonia Day on an awareness campaign targeting practicing health professionals. Their goal was to improve early recognition and treatment of pneumonia in infants and children. Both organizations are dedicated to improving health care for children and increasing community efforts to meet Haiti’s Millennium Development Goals.

On November 12th, the two organizations hosted a national event to spread information on cost-effective ways to prevent and treat childhood pneumonia.  Most activities took place in the capital, Port-au-Prince, including rallies, songs, presentations, and medical trainings. Two events were held in rural towns in Grand’Anse and North departments. Television and radio programs and SMS messages about pneumonia reached all ten of the country’s departments.

Pneumonia Song

Mothers, there is an illness called PNEUMONIA

That can kill your children.

If you see your children breathing hard or coughing go to the dispensary!