Ghana – APPLE and R-Net

Participants march in a World Pneumonia Day walk hosted by APPLE and R-NET in Ghana. Photo by by Wisdom K. Agbakev.

The Association of People for Practical Life Education (APPLE) and Reliance Network (R-Net), both non-governmental organizations from Ghana, are joining together to promote pneumonia prevention. They conducted a media event on pneumonia prevention that included 34 press spokespeople and 26 health organizations and was designed to help foster grassroots advocacy on pneumonia issues in community programs in 10 regions. The organizations also hosted Walk to Save a Life, Stop Crisis of Pneumonia, a walk with school children aimed at building community support.

On World Pneumonia Day, the organizations will facilitate a keynote address by the District Health Director and a Member of Parliament, along with a drama production on pneumonia. After WPD, the drama production will be turned into a film to be aired on TV and local radio stations on days such as Child Health Day and the first day of school. Read more here.