Pneumonia Champions Leading the Response

Pneumonia Champions Leading the Response

Organization: Global Youth Coalition Egypt

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Event: Pneumonia Champions Leading the Response

For World Pneumonia Day 2011, the Global Youth Coalition Egypt (GYCE) furthered their mission of empowering youth to become community health advocates. GYCE activities included a roundtable with media representatives and health consultants, a two-day advocacy workshop for female social workers, and an event with the National Council of Childhood and Motherhood. Over 2,000 children attended these activities, joining together to create artwork and a “Call for Action” letter to push for a national immunization campaign.    

“I lost one of my children due to pneumonia. I thought it was a matter of flu and would go. I kept all doors and windows closed to make him warm, but at the end of four days, I lost him. If I had heard about the importance of the open air for his case or taken him to a doctor earlier I could keep him. Your efforts are really needed for many women like me”

– Egyptian mother, Awareness campaign, Cairo Nov 2011