No child born to die

No child born to die

Tayitu’s eyes well up with tears each time she gazes helplessly at her son Siham as he struggles to draw breath.

She is still grieving over the loss of Siham’s twin-brother Redwan, who died only a few months ago due to pneumonia.

Tayitu now fears the fatal disease may have returned, this time to claim Siham – who has just turned one. She is losing hope fast.

The nearest district hospital from her village in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia is a four hour drive away, and the last time she took Redwan there, she had to wait for more than a day to see a doctor. Redwan received intensive treatment for 12 days but died soon after he returned home.

“Now Siham has also started with breathing problems. It’s as if his breathing is obstructed. I’ve taken him to the health centre but I’m afraid that even if I take him to the hospital, like I did with Redwan, it will not make a difference,” says Tayitu.

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