Pneumonia Fumbler Challenge

What’s Got Us Fumbled

Did you know pneumonia is the leading infectious killer of children under 5 years old worldwide? In 2015, approximately 920,000 children died from this infectious disease. That’s more than 2,500 young lives per day. That means, in one year, pneumonia takes more children’s lives than Zika, Ebola, malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV combined. But the most jaw-dropping fact: this enormous global burden exists even though pneumonia has proven methods for prevention and treatment, backed by WHO and UNICEF.

The facts have our tongues twisted. We’ve been fumbling for words to raise awareness and we need your help. Lend your voice to children under-5 through the #PneumoniaFumbler Challenge in honor of World Pneumonia Day, observed on November 12 every year.

Challenge Accepted? Where’s What To Do

1. The Fumbler.

Learn the tongue twister: Pretty please prevent pneumonia to protect precious lives

2. Say It Five Times Fast for The Under-Fives.

Record a video of yourself (or even better, your child!) saying the tongue twister five times fast. At the end of the video, invite others to take action by saying: Visit to learn how we can prevent and treat this disease!

3. Tag, You’re It!

Upload the video to Facebook or Twitter with #PneumoniaFumbler, and challenge your friends to raise awareness! Tag your policymaker—be them in congress, parliament, or another government body—to let them know you care about child health.

Together, we can generate momentum to keep child health on the global agenda.


  • Say it 5x fast for the under-5s: Pretty please prevent pneumonia to protect precious lives! #PneumoniaFumbler 


  • Pneumonia is the leading infectious killer of kids under 5. Take the #PneumoniaFumbler Challenge to raise awareness


  • Lend your voice to children under 5 through the #PneumoniaFumbler Challenge in honor of #WorldPneumoniaDay


  • I did the #PneumoniaFumbler tongue twister challenge for #WorldPneumoniaDay! Will you?

Partner Shout-Out

This challenge was inspired by the Defeat DD’s Doo a Poo Haiku campaign to raise awareness about the global impact of diarrheal disease.