Healthcare Workers Sing and Dance for Pneumonia

Healthcare Workers Sing and Dance for Pneumonia

Organization: Philippine Foundation for Vaccination

Location: Manila, Philippines

Event: A “Fight Against Pneumonia” Dance Competition

The Philippines Foundation for Vaccination created a nationwide dance competition to increase awareness about the Global Action Plan to Prevent Pneumonia (GAPP). Dance groups, comprised largely of healthcare workers, submitted videos of original dance routines set to a song composed for World Pneumonia Day 2011 with the theme “I Am the Face of Pneumonia.”

A panel of celebrities and other participants judged the dance performances at the 13th Annual Philippine National Immunization Convention, and the winner was announced during the World Pneumonia Day celebrations in Manila. First place in the dance competition went to National Center for Mental Health. The winners then hosted an awareness event in their community.

The dance competition served as a creative way to promote pneumonia awareness and knowledge sharing in the Philippines.