Awareness Campaign: Save the Children from Pneumonia

Awareness Campaign: Save the Children from Pneumonia

Organization: Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Event: Awareness Campaign: Save the Children from Pneumonia

Small grantee, Aga Khan Health Service, Pakistan, used World Pneumonia Day 2011 to raise awareness among urban and rural communities concerning pneumonia prevention and timely recognition of its symptoms.

Aga Khan Health Service partnered civil society organizations, hospitals, and corporate organizations to produce nine seminars and 116 health awareness sessions, reaching nearly 6,000 people across Pakistan. About 45,000 text (SMS) messages on pneumonia were delivered, and religious leaders discussed pneumonia from 1,100 religious platforms. More than 40,000 flyers and educational materials were distributed.

In part as a result of these efforts, the Pakistan Prime Minister announced that vaccines against pneumonia will soon be available through the routine vaccination schedule. The GAVI Alliance has approved funding for introduction of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, and Pakistan is expected to roll out the vaccine in 2012.