An Advocate’s Fall Reading List

An Advocate’s Fall Reading List

Article posted on November 16, 2016.

Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia released scores of powerful writings in honor of World Pneumonia Day 2016

Fast Facts

  • News feeds were packed with publications in honor of World Pneumonia Day this year.
  • This reading list compiles the reports, journal articles, op-eds, and more for child health advocates.

Scores of powerful publications hit news feeds in honor of World Pneumonia Day this year. The op-eds, journal articles, and reports from member organizations of the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia and other global leaders were more than a person could absorb in one weekend. If any of them whizzed by you, worry not. Here’s a Fall Reading List to help child health advocates gear up for 2017.


Pneumonia in Children: Epidemiology, Prevention and Treatment
By: Kim Mulholland and Martin W. Weber

Journal Articles

Reduction of childhood pneumonia mortality in the Sustainable Development era
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine
By: Eric D. McCollum, Carina King, Laura L. Hammitt, Amy S. Ginsburg, Tim Colbourn, Abdullah H. Baqui, and Katherine L. O’Brien

World Pneumonia Day 2016: pulse oximetry and oxygen
The Lancet Global Health
By: Amy Ginsburg, Rasa Izadnegahdar, and Keith Klugman

Childhood pneumonia: still a major challenge for child health
The Lancet Respiratory Medicine
By: Heather Zar, University of Cape Town

News & Blogs

Hard to Breathe
Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine, Fall 2016
By: Anita Shet, International Vaccine Access Center

Three Ways to Improve Child Health
Project Syndicate
By: Anita Zaidi, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Living With Pneumonia: Three Stories From Around the Globe
By: Doctors Without Borders

Giving oxygen to the fight against pneumonia
Interview with: Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo

It’s Time to Take On The World’s Most Lethal Killer Of Children
Huffington Post
By: Kevin Watkins, CEO of Save the Children UK

World Pneumonia Day: Progress but Also 5 Troubling Trends
By: Bruce Lee, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dying for Air
By: Leith Greenslade, Just Actions / Pneumonia Innovations Team

World Pneumonia Day 2016
Clinton Health Access Initiative
By: Audrey Battu & Kate Schroder, Clinton Health Access Initiative

The Politics of Pneumonia
Stop Pneumonia
By: Ashley Latimer, PATH

Oxygen is a Matter of Life and Breath
Stop Pneumonia
By: Bonnie Keith, PATH

The Pneumonia Diagnostics Project
Stop Pneumonia
By: Malaria Consortium

Making Vaccines Work to Prevent Pneumonia
Vaccines Work
Interview with: Andrew Pollard, Oxford University