This story is a part of the World Pneumonia Day (WPD) 2017 Global Activities Round-Up Series. This year, countries around the world held events and campaigns. In Nigeria, diverse stakeholders conducted outreach on social media, issued reports, and conducted outreach events to raise awareness about pneumonia.   

In India, 392,859 under-fives were killed by pneumonia in 2004. The figure fell considerably by 2015 to 178,717. This still equated to more than 20 children every hour. Pneumonia remains one of the country’s biggest child killers, and India does seem to be making some progress in reducing its impact.

15% of all under-five deaths in the Democratic Republic of Congo are due to pneumonia, making it the single biggest killer of the country’s children. In 2000, the disease killed 41,587 under-fives, rising to 45,812 in 2015. DRC is one of seven African countries where the under-five mortality rate (U5MR) has risen over the last 15 years, largely due to pneumonia.

Sierra Leone’s Reproductive, Newborn and Child Health Policy 2011 defined pneumonia as the most common cause of under-five mortality, and responsible for 24% of all under-five deaths. WHO data shows that there were 6,630 under-five deaths in 2004, falling to 3,705 in 2015 – a 43% drop over the past 10 years, with pneumonia accounting for just 14% of all under-five mortality in 2015.

IVAC interviewed Mary Carol Jennings, MD, MPH, about her experience as Report Lead on the IVAC 2017 Pneumonia and Diarrhea Progress Report. Mary Carol shared IVAC's novel approach to the report this year, which created a more explicit focus on takeaways for donor organizations, supplementary materials for in-country partners, and results that can help program investors and implementors make targeted, strategic financial decisions.

Stop Pneumonia’s priority is to empower the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia by providing members with the resources to inform and strengthen advocacy efforts. Join us for a webinar on March 30, 11AM-12PM ET, when guest speakers will introduce two new tools.

The media is invited to join Citizen News Service for a webinar with experts on how we can end preventable deaths from pneumonia and keep promises we made for delivering on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.